Andrew Cohen
Japanese Legal Consultant                          Attorney At Law 

Representative Cases


Sullivan & Cromwell
Client: Large International Banking Entity
: Washington D.C. team leader of Japanese speaking legal professionals in a multilingual relevance and privilege review of client documents and audio files for evidence of antitrust activity in violation of U.S., U.K. and Japanese regulations.  Performed quality control checks on work performed by other team members and second review of various pertinent audio files that were coded for importance review.  Performed on-the-spot translations and review of audio files for Sullivan & Cromwell supervising attorneys.  Drafted translations key for important terms used by client in technical banking documents for searches in Japanese and uniform translations into English. Position required learning advance international banking terms and definitions in both English and Japanese.
Software: First Advantage.

Client: Large Japanese Electronics Company
Aided leading team of English Attorneys and Japanese Translators in performing relevancy and privilege reviews in Japanese, assisted in drafting privilege log and performed "on-the-spot" translation of documents for Finnegan attorney during privilege review. Drafted translation key for important terms used by client in technical patent documents for searches in Japanese.
Software: Relativity
Representative Case: In the Matter of Certain Products Containing Interactive Program Guide and Parental Control Technology, Rovi Corp. v. Toshiba Corp., US ITC (2010)

Client: Large Japanese Industrial Manufacturing Company
Met with firm client for direct review of company materials. Performed relevancy and privilege reviews in Japanese, assisted in drafting privilege log and performed "on-the-spot" translation of documents for Finnegan attorney during privilege and relevancy review.
Drafted translation key for important terms used by client in technical patent documents.
Software: Relativity
Representative Case: General Electric v. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, et. al, US District Court for the Northern District of Texas, No. 10-00276.

Client: Large Japanese Pharmaceutical Company 
Duties:  Performed relevancy and privilege reviews, drafted privilege log, aided in expert witness and Rule 30(b) witness depositions, assisted in both trial preparation and trial for multi billion dollar patent infringement litigation. Executed multiple term searches for targeted reviews of documents and isolated specific documents by various search terms such as author, topic, title and reviewer using Citrix and Concordance software.  Drafted multiple memoranda for junior and senior associates regarding the application of Japanese privilege law on Japanese Patent Agents, pharmaceutical patents and orange book entries for pharmaceuticals that make over one billion dollars a year and have active ingredients listed in that patents. Position required learning advanced technical knowledge of mental health related pharmaceutical drugs, drug development, and medicinal chemistry in both English and Japanese which was used to evaluate and analyze patents, scientific publications, medical reports, clinical testing, Rule 30 (b) depositions, expert reports and expert witness depositions detailing inconsistencies, omissions, errors and weaknesses. Located relevant documents pertaining to evidentiary issues raised by Defendant including, but not limited to, possible impeachment information, evidence supporting plaintiff positions and scientific support countering defendant’s positions.
Software: Citrix, Concordance, Ipro, and Microsoft Office.
Representative Case: Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. v. Sandoz, et al., Civil Action No. 07-cv-1000 MLC (New Jersey)

Client: Large Pharmaceutical Company 
Performed relevancy and privilege review and drafted privilege log in the damages phase of patent infringement case.
Software: Citrix, Concordance.
Representative Case: Elan v. Andrx.

Perkins Coie
Client: Mid-Size American Electronics Manufacturing Company
: Performed relevancy review of defendant's Japanese documents to locate and identify important and relevant information for Antitrust action brought by the client.  Provide summary translation of highly relevant documents for review by client to be used in depositions.
Software: Relativity
Representative CaseTriquint Semiconductor Inc. v. Avago Technologies Limited, et. al., Case No. 09-cv-1531 (Arizona).

Client: Large Japanese Electronic Company
Duties:  Performed relevancy and privilege reviews for production involving allegations of defamation, libel, civil conspiracy and discrimination against U.S. and foreign subsidiaries and Japanese parent corporation.  Position required extensive knowledge of Japanese, employment law, libel, defamation and extensive awareness of privilege laws. 
Software: Relativity
Representative Case: Schirle v. Sokudo USA LLC, et al., U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

Steptoe & Johnson
Client: Large American Insurance Agency 
Performed document, relevancy and privilege reviews for discovery production request by plaintiff’s counsel. 
Software: iCONECTnxt
Representative case: Hensley v. Computer Sciences Corp., et al., filed in Miller County Arkansas, challenging insurers’ use of claim evaluation software.

Client: Large International Ship Building and Leasing Corporation
Carried out an internal investigation for documents relating to the illegal operations of a third party pursuant to a United States Department of Justice investigation.
Software: Concordance

Client: Large Chemical Manufacturing Corporation
Performed extensive document review for documents required by the FTC for the Merger and Acquisition of two chemical companies.
Software: Concordance

Client: Large Japanese Airline Company
Undertook an extensive compliance review to determine whether violations of Canadian, European Community, or United States Laws were inadvertently violated.
Software: Concordance and FYI Reviewer
Representative Case: Defense of leading airline in a multi-national price fixing investigation-before United States and European Communities.

Client: Small Development Corporation in New Jersey
Executed a document production request from the Office of the Attorney General in New Jersey relating to purported claims made by competitors
Software: Concordance.

Client: Large International Communications Provider
Performed internal document review regarding claims of inappropriate behavior by an anonymous employee
Software: Concordance.

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